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  • biography
  • Tsoakae is a young talented artist who is a new comer in the South African music scene, She has just released a self titled album which has been produced by the much loved multi-talented duo the Jaziel brothers. Tsoakae, (a sotho name which means "where do you come from") is excited about her debut album as it depicts her journey as a young woman living in Mzansi, her songs speak of her experiences of which she is adamant that a lot of women will relate to, as a little girl she used music as a tool to articulate herself and nothing has changed in that regard as she still uses melody and tunes as a means of expression. "I was at Sunday school and was randomly chosen to be in the school choir, it wasn't until that moment that I realized that hey, maybe I can sing, I sang all the time from that moment, because I enjoyed it, and that's where it all started" She said.

    Looking at her from a distance, one wouldn't tell that this lovely youthful lady with an introverted stunning smile has the ability to belt out a note, Her humbleness is apparent when she speaks and she explained that her family has helped her to stay mature and grounded.