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Last Updated: 16-08-13


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  • Every once in a while, there emerges a new artist who seeks to make a mark that can never be erased, permanently touching the lives of music lovers by making a lasting impression. Donald is such an artist, and he brings with him refreshing music coupled with a clean image; and abundant singing and writing talent.

    South Africans were taken by surprise at the beginning of 2011 when Donald released “I Deserve,” a song from his second and one of the most anticipated albums of 2012. Having been previously known as an Afro-Soul singer, most were very stunned to hear this musical shift to the Dance/House genre. Of course this decision was a natural move for the young muso, after having being signed under Will of Steel Productions where his talent was honed by maestro producer and multi-award winning artist DJ Cleo. After releasing his debut album in 2009, Donald was featured on DJ Cleo’s Eskhaleni 5 and Eskhaleni 8 and it was clear from the word go that audiences enjoyed Donald a lot more in that kind of genre. After all, Dance/House is one of the most celebrated genres in South Africa.

    His critically acclaimed album “Train of Love” has taken the country by storm, with the 1st single “I Deserve” reaching No.1 on RAMs Top 100 & Top 40 Charts, also being in the Top 10 on the Media Guide charts. The follow-up single “Denial” has achieved the same success, also reaching number 1 – something very rare for South African artists. To add more to the accolades, “I Deserve” became the most selling song on the Vodacom Mobile download charts since the album release. His 3rd single “Over the Moon” had similar success, also reaching #1.

    The release of “Train of Love” has led Donald to be invited to every prominent music event in the country (and neighbouring countries), and has brought major media attention to this young role model’s life. So far, he’s appeared on shows like the award-winning youth soapie Rhythm City, 3Talk with Noeleen, Live, YoTV, Sistahood, SA Idols, MTV Base, Vuzu and others. He’s also been profiled in a number of urban magazines.

    Perhaps another reason why everyone wants a piece of Donald – apart from his good looks – is his passion of speaking to tertiary students about the importance of hard work. It was his own hard work that had earned him the respect of his peers in the music industry way before he met his major commercial success. Having sang with artists like Selaelo Selota, Malaika, Slikour & Zonke; he also built his brand by writing for Kwela Tebza, Kelly Khumalo, KB and co-penning not less than 10 songs for Rhythm City. He recently received the Best New Artist nomination at the 2012 Channel O Music Video Awards.

    2013 saw Donald being rewarded for his hard work, when he became the most nominated artist at the 2013 Metro FM Music Awards. His 6 nominations were: Best Styled Artist, Best Produced Album, Best Video, Best Hit Single, Best Male and Best Dance Album.

    There is no denying that this is only the beginning for Donald. With so much talent, drive and passion; one can only guess that it can only get better for this young star.