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  • Gospel group REDEEMED is eager to serve its up-to-the-minute and sprightly tunes to those with an ear for refined and spiritually uplifting music.

    REDEEMED was conceptualised and formed in 1999 by five youthful and accomplished musicians with a vision. Three of the male gospel quintet's members Terrence Ramatselela, Bafana Nkosi and Steven Molakeng were at some point part of the well-known contemporary gospel outfit Joyous Celebration. Meanwhile Mojalefa Thebe and Rampa Masoko came in contact with Bafana and Steven when they were all members of a nine-member male gospel group called Friends.
    Mojalefa went on to work and produce many Kwaito artists such as Mzekezeke and Brown Dash but REDEEMED occupies a special place in his soul and life. "My heart is with REDEEMED. All members of the group are successful in their different ventures, but REDEEMED is important to us because we do not take gospel music as a career, it is a calling for us."

    Terence agrees: "We are talented as individuals and have our own projects on the side but we decided we were going to make this group work because we have a vision and we strongly believe in what we do." he explains. "What keeps REDEEMED going is that all members understand the gospel that we are preaching, we are actively involved in our churches where some of us are worship leaders." he adds.

    Prior to joining REDEEMED Steven was involved in house music and worked with local giants including among others the star singer Judith Sephuma. Whilst Mojalefa, Steven and Bafana are in the music business on full time basis Terrence and Rampa run their own businesses.

    REDEEMED is one of the few gospel groups that have already made a name for itself in the gospel music market even though it is yet to release a full album. "We have been performing a lot at churches especially the Grace Bible Church in Pimville, Soweto and we have already been to Botswana and Swaziland where our music has been enthusiastically embraced," says Terrence Ramatselela.

    The five member group's first single titled Mdumiseni was released in 2000 and the youthful tune was popular with many METRO FM listeners who nominated it for the stations annual Awards, in the Best Gospel category. "We are youngish in our approach of gospel music, hence our music is lively and vibrant," says Mojalefa. "After the release of Mdumiseni we got offers from various recording companies but we turned them down because most wanted to interfere with the creativity and originality of our work," says the talented producer.

    The group's spirited debut album has been titled REDEEMED Live in Soweto and is finally coming out through Lebo M's Till Dawn Records. The 15-track album was recorded in front of a vibrant audience at the Grace Bible Church in Soweto in 2003. The live recording features a choir of talented singers and among others star musicians of note such as Gloria Bosman, Benjamin Dube, Swazi Dlamini and Maduvha.
    The spunky mgqashiyo lead guitar and funky bass guitar makes the REDEEMED music stand out in a music genre that has been crowded. "We have also included some polished old school traditional gospel music songs to accommodate the elders who dearly love these kind of tunes". Whilst there are some American inspired gospel tunes in the album most of the tunes are truly South African refined gospel numbers that will revive the spirit.

    source: http://www.redeemedsa.co.za/biography